Tips to Take Train

In the railway station

Finding the right stationFinding the right station. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guilin and Wuhan, there are at least two train stations in these cities. Please kindly find out in which train station you are supposed to board your train in advance. Otherwise, you may miss your train.

Passing security control. When you arrive at the station you must first go through security control to departure area. But please notice these objects that are forbidden in the train, as following: animals, the toxic, flammable and explosive goods.

Finding the right waiting lounge.Finding the right waiting lounge. Usually there are several waiting lounges in the station you should find the right one to board the train. And the electronic message board will remind passengers which is the right one for each train. You should pay attention to it. The tickets will be checked when entering the lounges. You should take care of your tickets.

On board

Ticket → card. At soft or hard sleeper class carriages, you are asked to change your ticket to a plastic card after boarding the train. Before you arrive at your destination, it will be changed back. You should keep your ticket as you are required to show the ticket when going through the exit of train stations.

Dining on board. Dining on board. We usually arrange overnight trains for the convenience of our clients. Dinner and breakfast will be done before or after train travel. Once the clients need to have snacks or meals on board, they can go to the dining car of Car 8, except express trains Beijing/shanghai, Beijing/HK and Beijing/Xian, most of trains don't have English menu and many selections of food.

Train staff. The staff working on trains has little knowledge of English. If possible, please prepare a phrase book for the emergency. In fact, more and more Chinese people, especially younger generations can speak English.

Bathroom in the train. The big issue while traveling by train in China is the bathroom on board. At each end of carriages, there is one toilet (one is western style in soft sleeper carriages). Please bring your own toilet paper before you use it since it is not available inside. When the train is approaching one stop the bathroom is always locked. When it runs again the bathroom will be unlocked.

More attention to the belongings. Please take care about your belongings, wherever you are in soft sleep, hard sleep, soft seat or hard seat in the train. Especially, keep the important things with you all the time, such as, passport, visa, wallet and other things like that. If taking hard seat class of some slow trains please be cautious at night, in some parts, there are pickpockets.

Taking care of the baby. When traveling with children you are suggested to pay more attention to them. It is better for children to sleep on the lower berth or with parents in case they fall off the berth. Sometimes the guardrails can't work completely for little children.

Please don't accept the beverage or food easily because someone may have bad intentions.

Getting off the train

Card → ticket. If you are taking hard or soft sleeper class, you will be asked to change the card back to train ticket about half an hour before arriving at your destination. Please keep tickets with you because the tickets will be checked at the train station's exit.

Checking the belongings.Checking the belongings. Before getting off the train you should take the valuables with you and check your belongings, such as, mobile phone, wallet, backpack, etc. If you forgot, it is hard to get back. When the train arrives its destination crowds of passengers will rush to leave. At this time, please keep eye on your kids and belongings.

Finding the guide. When you get off trains our guides will meet you on platform. However, in some places the guides are not allowed there according to the local rules of train station. When you are leaving the station someone may recommend you accommodation or tours. Don't follow them and just keep going. Your guide will be waiting for you at the exit of train stations.

Tickets and luggage

Buying the ticket. At present, China's Railway can only allow to issue the train tickets (hard and soft sleepers) 5-10 days before departure. If buying tickets from local scalpers near the train station, you may get fake ones.

Handy baggage.Handy baggage. Usually, baggage space in the train is limited and must be stored in your compartment. So it is wise to travel with small baggage rather. Most train stations have a considerable number of stairs to climb to reach the platforms. Bags have to be carried up and down these stairs. Most stairs have a steep ramp so that wheeled bags can be dragged up as you walk up the stairs.

Be careful. When you go to board a train without an escort (guide), they should be cautious not to leave your train ticket to a stranger's hand (he/she may offer to show you the way), even those in uniform unless they are in working position. He may change another fake one secretly to you and get refund from your ticket.

Paying attention to the luggage. Clients are suggested to take their luggage with them while traveling by train. You can leave the suitcases in your compartment. Usually in China the crime rate is comparatively higher at train station area than other parts of the city. So keep an eye on your belongings and travel companions. There may be some pickpockets around.


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