Shanghai Train Schedule

Train NO From Dep. Time To Arr. TimeDistance(km)
D32 Shanghai 10:31 Beijing South 20:481463
T110 Shanghai 22:04Beijing 11:23+11463
T169 Shanghai South11:27Guangzhou 05:40+1 1780
T99A Shanghai 18:24Guangzhou East 10:17+1 1818
T99B Shanghai 18:24 Jiulong 12:56+1 1991
*K537 Shanghai 17:01 Nanning 20:52+1 2052
*K181 Shanghai 16:06 Kunming 10:02+2 2883
*K290/291 Shanghai 08:09 Chengdu 19:59+1 2351
K181 Shanghai 16:06Kunming 10:02+2 2883
T164/T165 Shanghai 19:52Lhasa 19:54+24373
T52/T53 Shanghai 18:03Urumqi 16:01+24077
T138/T139 Shanghai 15:53Xian 07:58+11509
K152/T153 Shanghai 16:05Zhengzhou 07:23+1998

* K537, starting from Shanghai South at 17:02, ending in Nanning at 20:43.
* K181, starting from Shanghai South at 16:19, ending in Kunming at 10:02.
* K290/K291, starting from Shanghai at 09:07, ending in Chengdu at 19:47.

The train schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

If you can't find out your train above or ideal timing in listed trains, please send an email to our travel assistant to help you.

Remarks: There are two main stations in Shanghai including Shanghai railway station and Shanghai south railway station.

Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai railway station

Shanghai railway station is located in Zhabei, the north of the city. It generally serves for the north of Yangtze River, such as, Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, etc.

Shanghai South Railway Station

Shanghai south railway station

Shanghai south railway station was finished in 2006 and lies in Xuhui District. It features a circular design, the first of this kind in the world. It often offers train service to Zhejiang and the south parts of China, such as, Kowloon.