Guilin Train Schedule

Train NOFromDep. TimeToArr. TimeDistance(km)
*T6 Nanning 08:30Beijing West 12:07+1 2566
K22 Guilin 19:02Beijing West 22:28+1 2135
K651/K654 Guilin North 13:10Chengdu 15:28+1 1575
T37/T40 Guilin 21:28 Shenzhen 10:35+1 1030
K38/K35 Liuzhou 15:15 Guangzhou 06:06+1 1059
K393 Guilin 16:30Kunming 11:20+1 1265
*K538 Nanning 11:14Shanghai South 15:34+1 2052
*K316/317 Nanning 11:39Xian 20:54+1 2388

* T6, arriving guilin at 13:21 and departing at 13:28.
* K538, arriving guilin at 17:26 and departing at 17:31.
* K316/K317, arriving guilin at 17:47 and departing at 17:54 .

The train schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

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Remarks: There are two stations in Guilin including Guilin railway station and Guilin north railway station.

Guilin Railway Station

Guilin railway station

Guilin railway station is located in the south of the city and also known as Guilin south railway station. It owns trains towards many major cities in China, such as, Beijing, Shanghai Chongqing, etc.

Guilin North Railway Station

Guilin north railway station

Guilin north railway station is far away from downtown area. In common, trains past through Guilin only stop at Guilin railway station.