China Train Experience

Beijing, China: Train Ride

by Avi Kramer

It's November, and I've been here for three months, but it's my first time buying a train ticket as I've traveled everywhere by bus so far. There are three classes of seats on the train: hard seats, hard sleepers and soft sleepers. This is a fifteen-hour overnight trip and more than anything right now I want to sleep. I stupidly assume that they will sell me a sleeper ticket since it's a midnight train and who wants to sit on a hard-plastic seat all night? Apparently: everyone. . .


Traveling by Train in China

by Robert Vance

My first train ride in China was very pleasant indeed; maybe a little too pleasant in fact. I had spent my first few days in China visiting the major attractions in Beijing and getting a feel for the land and the people. Whether I'm relaxing in the comfort of a Soft Sleeper, or slightly suffering on a Hard Seat, I love traveling by train in China. It is my chance to immerse myself in the culture and see the beauty of China zoom by. An airplane maybe much faster, but riding on a train in China is a unique experience and always full of adventure. . .


Beijing-Lhasa Express the train ride of a lifetime

By Susan Spano, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

A 2,525-mile trip across the country's heartland on the world's highest railway is memorable -- and the hottest ticket in town.

In my compartment, the beds were stacked up like facing bunk beds across a table, with pressed cotton sheets, pillows and comforters. Each berth was equipped with a TV monitor and headset as well as oxygen canisters for those with altitude sickness. The curtained window at my elbow was spotlessly clean and slightly tinted. It was as shipshape as a long-distance train compartment could be, at least at the beginning. Liked hanging around in a pull-down seat in the corridor, where I watched the scenery …


China Trip '06 - Update 4a - Tibet (The Train Ride)

I, for one, was very excited to see what the train was going to be like. We chose the hard sleeper, which is 6 beds in a doorless "room" vs. There was enough open space to walk around, the bathrooms were not bad, there was a faucet for hot water (great for repeated meals of instant noodles and veggies that we had), an electrical outlet right outside our room (one of the few available) and oxygen nozels over each bed (though, too noisy to keep on too long). . .


My first train ride in China - Yi Chang to Zhang Jia Jie

Though the train was chaotic and I did suffer a fair bit while on board this train, it is always the overcrowded trains in China that really make my journey much more interesting. This in turn, makes our MRT seems so dull and devoid of character. Through the boarding of trains and taking public buses in China, I was given the full avenue to experience the Chinese culture live, on board. . .


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