China's railways to prioritize coal transport

China's Ministry of Railways Monday called on local railway authorities to prioritize coal transport to alleviate the country's electricity shortage as peak electricity-consumption period draws near. The ministry said, on the whole, China's power supply and demand will be balanced this summer. But some regions, especially coastal areas, may face power supply shortages over coming months. As temperatures rise, demand for electricity grows, the ministry said. Local governments must prioritize coal transport to ensure sufficient supply to key power plants and to Shanghai, where the 2010 World Expo is being held. China's daily coal loading had risen 43.5 percent year on year to 40,227 vehicles as of June 12. The country's railways transported 814 million tonnes of coal in the first five months of the year, up 17.9 percent year on year, the ministry said.

( , June 21, 2010 )