Beijing, long as the political and cultural center since the 13th century, is the capital of China with so much to offer travelers. It houses some of the most stunning architectural landmarks in the world. Magnificent Great Wall Beijing Sections like Badaling, Mutianyu are the worlds' largest man-made military fortifications; the imperial Forbidden City and Summer Palace, once the residences of ancient emperors; while the Hutongs lead visitors into Old Beijing Natives live.

Listed one of the ancient capitals in China, Beijing is also a dynamic city with new buildings high rising. As the host city of 2008 Summer Olympic Games, it undergone many changes with amazing new buildings mushroomed from Bird's Nest to Water Cube which becomes the new architectural wonders in Beijing.

Great Wall of China

Grat Wall of ChinaAs a symbol of China's history and heritage, Great Wall is listed among must-see for any China Tours; it is actually a series of stone and earthen fortifications in Northern China, like a huge dragon winding its way through deserts, basins, plains and mountains. Base in Beijing, visitors can freely hike and view the nearby Great Wall sections.

Forbidden City

Forbbiden CityThe Forbidden City, standing in the center of Beijing, is the best-kept and largest imperial dwelling in China, which once the home of the 24 emperors and their households of the Ming and Qing dynasties. As the world's largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures the Forbidden City was declared a famous World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

Temple of Heaven

Temple of HeavenThe Temple of Heaven is a masterpiece of architecture and landscape design, founded in the first half of the 15th century. Literally Tiantan is the Altar of Heaven. It originally functioned as a vast altar for solemn rites performed by the Son of Heaven (refers to the emperor in China) who came here to pray for bumper harvests, seek divine clearance, and to atone for the sins of the people.

Summer Palace

Summer PalaceThe Beijing Summer Palace (Yiheyuan) is an immense park containing some newish Qing architecture, consisting of Longevity Hill (59 meters high), Kunming Lake and complex buildings. The original palace was used as a summer residence, an escape from the ferocious heat.

Autumn is the best season to visit Beijing, with sun not heating too much and the air cool; while summer are the peak season but the weather is rainy and high temperature; Beijing in winters offers special enjoyment and entertainment activities, like hot pot, skating and other winter activities; discounts offered for hotel stays.

Once you arrive at the airport, railway station or bus station in Beijing, it is recommended to walk out of the station and get a Taxi from the Taxi Stand instead of getting lost in rooks. It's also recommended to have your hotel name written in Mandarin because the Taxi Drivers may not be able to read/speak English. If you halt a taxi on a remote street, be care of the black taxi, remember that all the licensed taxis with 京B on their plates. There is no tipping in taxi.