Jiayang Little Train

Little train in JiayangSteam locomotive trains represent industrial revolution and contribute much to the whole world. Meanwhile, it is replaced gradually by the following diesel locos, electric locos, and so on. However, in China, there are some lines where steam locos are still running owing to certain reasons.

In the south of Sichuan province, a little steam locos is running in the railway of Bashi (Bajiao village-Shixi town), each carriage just as half as the common one. Because of belonging to Sichuan Jiayang Corporation, it is dubbed as Jiayang little train and also the last steam locos by the outside.

This little train has been running in the remote mountains area since 1958 and mainly for coal transportation. But villagers needed to get out of the mountains and workers would work in the coal hence several passengers carriages were added to the end of the train. Later, this little train became for both passengers and cargo transportation.

This steam locos serves as a bridge linking with the outside world for villagers. Therefore it enjoys favor of the local. Besides, special local conditions go close with the train. The mountain path between Bajiao village and Shixi town is characterized by various twists, returns, tunnels and steep slope. Although the traditional train can cooperate well with the path, it must be pretty careful and cautious.

Since 1990s, a lot of foreigners are keen to take this little train and take numerous pictures. They said they can see the old China and experience its history through taking the train. In addition, a great deal of mountain-style landscape can surprise them.

Other Steam Locos for Photography

In China, there are other steam locomotives running in some lines, such as, Keshiketeng in Inner Mongolia, Jixi in Heiongjiang, Tiefa, Diaobingshan and Fuxin (all in Liaoning). Most of them are no longer for traffic but for tourists because many people love it and taking pictures with it.

Other steam locos for photography

Especially, in Chifeng of Inner Mongolia, the year of 2007 witnessed the first photography festival for steam locos. Besides, the railway of Jining-Tongliao in Keshiketeng holds the best lines to take photograph. If you are a steam locos fan, you can catch this party in China.