Multiple Unit Train

Multiple unit (MU) trains, the newest member of China Railway family, are put into service to meet the 6th "Nationwide Railway Speed-up" in April, after a successful trial run in Shanghai and Wuhan, the capital of China's Hubei province.

The modern design of the MU train gives it an imposing appearance. But with the vehicle's body mainly in white, the MU train still looks slimmer than traditional trains. Meanwhile, new trains beginning with D also come into operation.


MU trains are inter-city and carry passengers to destination in shorter time. You can take this train in several cities, such as, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. Smoking is not allowed here. The speed is over 200 km\h.

There are no hard\soft sleepers in these trains because it just takes few hours to reach where you are going. All seats are soft ones and passengers can adjust them at will. Seats are equipped with mini tables for writing or other things. Passengers can enjoy various drinks at the bar in the train. Toilets are modernized and pretty clean.

Four MU trains for sightseeing between Beijing North and Badaling Great Wall has been open to the traffic. The trains are designed for sightseeing on the way to the Great Wall. All windows can provide broad view for passengers. There are respectively three cars of first and second class as well as a bar car. Spacious area in every car is designed for the disable. They can put wheelchairs at will and two special toilets for them. Besides, Mothers can change diaper for their babies on the special counter. It just takes 80 minutes to the destination, cutting the travel time in half.