About Us

Affiliated with Guilin Overseas Tourist Corporation, China Train Trip specializes in train tours in China. We pride ourselves in designing, and operating unique rail tours to various amazing destinations of China.

Though rail service in China has seen dramatic changes in the past decades, we do realize that the China's passenger trains still require more improvement in many aspects compared with those in West Europe and North America. Our goal is to assure that the railway lovers and those who simply want comfortable and interesting travel have a more in-depth experience of China. Every train tour package we offer is delicately designed by our travel experts to suit your need for a soft adventure in China.

As a train travel specialist since 1998, China Train Trip has established the finest connections throughout the country, enabling us to offer comprehensive travel options combined with reliable service. We love to customize itineraries. So whatever your needs, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us.

Guilin Overseas Tourist Corporation is a state-registered tour company (License No: L-GX00149) with a deposit of CNY600, 000(approx. USD$72,290) in China Tourism Administration to protect the benefits of tourists. We have a sister website at www.easytourchina.com to deliver comprehensive services to all the tourists to China.

If you want to take train tours, please go to the experts.

If you want to take train tours in China, you have found the experts!