As a train travel specialist since 1998, China Train Trip has established the finest connections throughout the country, enabling us to offer comprehensive travel options combined with reliable service. We specialize in train tours in China. We pride ourselves in designing, and operating unique rail tours to various amazing destinations of China. . .

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Why to take train tour in China

Compared with traveling by flight, taking train is a unique experience to see a different China.

  • Visitors can view much scenery along the railway. Maybe a long train tour is hard to surpass but views and changes of scenery add much fun to your journey.
  • You can know much more culture about China because there are various people in the train and they are friendly to talk with you.
  • Compared with the prices of flight, train fares in China are far lower, and at the same time visitors can obtain special experience in China.
  • In addition, feel free to use your laptop and catch up on your cell phone at random. No need to worry about causing something.

Who are recommended to travel long-distance by train in China?

Since January, 2004, MOR of China (Ministry of Railway) has invested 2,000 billion Chinese Yuan (US$293) for the expansion of railway network and upgrading of facilities, great progress has been and will be made in different aspects: convenience on board, speed and bottleneck of ticketing.

China CHR3While most of the Chinese trains still can't be paralleled with those running on the European and North American tracks, we only recommend those intrepid tourists (travelers) to travel long-distance by train, who are preferably under 65, and have a relatively lower expectation of comfort (small-sized berth, shared cabin, possibly smelly public toilet, lack of bilingual service and overcrowding train station). In return, you will be rewarded with once-in-a-life-time experience of the mysterious land called China. . .

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